2023 Video Marketing Research: Youtube Still Reigns Supreme

Unlock the Power of Video Insights: Compare 2021 & 2022 Video Statistics!

Video marketing research trends for 2023 offer many benefits for your business. Video content is becoming increasingly popular, and having the ability to track and analyze its performance is an invaluable tool.

Video marketing research trends for 2023 allow you to monitor your video performance, identify what is working and needs improvement and optimize your video campaigns for maximum reach and engagement.

Additionally, your research can provide insights into customer behaviour and preferences,

 allowing you to tailor your videos to better cater to your target audiences.  

Video marketing research can also help you understand the ROI of your video campaigns, allowing you to make more informed decisions about your marketing strategies. Overall, marketing research trends for 2023 are an invaluable asset for you when looking to improve your video campaigns and gain insights into your customers.

Compare Wyzoul's Video Market Research for 2023 Trends

Video Marketing Statistics 2021

How has the global pandemic affected the demand for video content?

To bring things forward. Let us move to 2020.  Here is Wyzowl’s Question and findings. “How have the unprecedented events of 2020 affected demand for video?”


If you invest in video, would you make your money back? Let’s see.

The term is ROI if you are unfamiliar with what this means, Return On Your Investment.

The ROI of video marketing

The questionHow do marketers feel about the return they get on their investment in video?

Great Statistics, but what about the audience?

I am grateful to companies like Wyzowl for doing all this work and allowing agencies like ours to use it. Thank you, Wyzowl.

The audience view: consumers and video

The question: Putting aside what marketers think about video – how do their audiences feel about it?

How Video Marketers Measured Success?

The question:  When asked, how they measure success? video marketers responded as follows:

Non-Video Marketers

Of those marketers who don’t currently use video, the reasons are diverse…

The question: Why are some marketers still reluctant to invest in video? 

Which Video Platforms Are Most Successful

The question: Which platforms do video marketers use – and which ones do they find most effective?

What does video marketing look like for the future?

The question: How do marketers plan to use video in 2021?

List of the most popular video streaming channel

Graph chart of the most watch video streaming channels

Video Marketing Statistics 2022

Reasons for not using video marketing

When we asked businesses which DON’T use video as a marketing tool, the main reason
why this was the case, they answered as follows

First time video marketers

Video Statistics provided by Wyzoul

It’s clear that a significant proportion of video marketers are embracing the increasing accessibility of inexpensive, even free, video marketing channels, with an overwhelming majority spending little or nothing on their typical video content output.Outside of this, where brands DO decide to spend more on their video, there clearly seems to be a sweet spot in that $1k-$5k per video ball park. But, as always, there’s a small but significant handful of brands willing to go further, and run a higher video marketing budget. Ultimately? Marketing video has a broad range of different price tags and is increasingly accessible to lots of different types of business.

2023 stats continue

How do video marketers judge ‘success?

You can improve what you don’t measure, so Wysoul set out to understand the matrix marketers use to evaluate their success.

Video views are the most widely used barometer of weather a video has been successful. It seems the one thing marketers don’t want for the contant, above all else, is for it to be ignored.


We are small creatures who use video marketing in this strategy for 2022 to assessed whole video how to impact the key marketing metrics they answered

Wyzoul ROI analysis

“Almost across the board, we’ve seen increases in key video marketing statistics this year, perhaps representing improvements in the way brands understand and implement their video marketing strategy.

Next in the hierarchy of video marketing needs, is that people take action: likes, shares, comments and clicks are all highly prized by our respondents.

What’s interesting is that as we move down the list, the goals become more ‘tangible’ business goals. Bread-and-butter metrics like sales and retention are still perhaps neglected as video marketing metrics – perhaps because they’re a LOT harder to attribute and quantify than simple things like views, likes, shares and comments.

It’s also a fairly interesting statistic that, in an industry as scientific as marketing, 11% of video marketers (more than 1 in 10) don’t really track the ROI of their video campaigns.”

The customer view.

Customer views, Wyzoul's anslysis.

This data highlights the extent to which video content is used by customers in all aspects of their online lives. From watching explainer videos to learn about products, services and apps, to being convinced to make purchases, to sharing with friends, the numbers illustrate the dominance of video in online interactions. They demonstrate video’s position as a key part of the online customer journey and highlight the importance of video in any online marketing strategy.


Summary: How to use this information

In this digital age, video marketing research is an invaluable tool for understanding your target audience and staying ahead of the trends.

By 2023, your research will be even more critical as the demand for video content rises. You will be able to use this market research to gain deeper insights into customer needs and wants and track the latest trends in the industry.

With this data, you can develop more effective strategies to keep up with your competition and stay ahead of the curve. Additionally, video marketing research creates more engaging and shareable content that will resonate with viewers. It can also help inform product development, as well as help identify new opportunities for growth and expansion.

By leveraging the power of your research, you can stay in touch with your customers and stay ahead of the competition in 2023.

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