Creativity and The Fear of Failure



Creativity and The Fear of Failure

Creativity is a gift on a shelf, but you must reach out and quite possibly fall to grab hold of it and own it. With that gift comes failure. If the fear of failure disturbs you, you will never try enough to succeed. 

I discovered more about my subconscious this week, and I will tell you why in a moment. I knew I was creative since I was a kid. That’s not a new thought; all kids have that thing going on. If you were ever to do what they do like they do freely in public, you’d be branded a nut. 

Kids haven’t been packaged or molded yet. I have always been fighting with my package, how about you? I’m not going to say being packaged is all bad. A mold could be worse; please notice what I said “could be” because it represents something stable or fixed. Fixed things can be highly beneficial. I am addressing you who feel change is necessary, and you have a vision.   

My conscious elbowed my subconscious this week after absorbing a course on Linkedin Learning by Seth Godin. Check it out. It’s called Creativity at Work

The big news:
To be creative means to be committed to failure.

What was awoken was the reason I do what I do. How do I put this?
I am in the process of making marketing an art. Some may already feel marketing is an art that benefits all, the consumers, the businesses, and the artist (markers). I feel differently.

I will explore a marketing system. My methods have already made some uncomfortable. The fear of failure will keep you where you are.

I have a music entertainment background. “I have a dream.” and I’m hoping you also have a sense of humour too. 🤪

I strongly feel marketing is about innovation, and artists that lend themselves to this field should be duly compensated. Not because they could pound out a story to sell stuff or create graphics or produce a video on demand. No, because what artists bring to the table is their souls.
The public is moved by works the express love, hate, beauty, sounds, sight.

Artist and marketing have long formed a marriage; it’s historical. As a budding young musician, I couldn’t help but noticed that wherever struggling artists bed down in a community, they are pushed out by the corporate community. First because where the artist community finds their homes are inexpensive. I could see the attraction for corporations, property value is low. 

The fact is businesses and corporations moving into the hood brand their companies by associations with their neighbours’ culture. “What Is Hip” by the group Tower of Power, check it out.  

Indeed, the struggling artist can’t afford Fifth Avenue to do their art, but what was Greenwich Village before it became what it is today? In Toronto, what was Yorkville before it is what it is now, also Queen St W? You can’t even afford a box to live in these neighbourhoods now.

The point? Marketing is art—the art of association, expressing common feelings and sharing ideas for the common good of others.


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