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Ep Media Lab a Creative Exploration

Our Mission

“Our mission is to facilitate individuals, institutions and businesses with communication materials or systems that increase awareness, sales and accelerate productivity while making  freelancing equitable.”


Strategist, Copywriters, Sales, Public Relations, Designers of artistic works, Graphic, Motion Graphic, Audio, Music, Developers, NetworkTechnicians.

Work Anytime and from Anywhere

The ability to work for anywhere and anytime and enjoy a flexible life style with good compensation while remaining connected to your team.

Affordable Rates

It does cost to be in business. Invest in yourself. ROI must me measurable and accountability must be high not just for freelancers but also for our clients

Our Guiding Principles

Honesty, Modesty, Collaborative, Achievers, net exporters of talent. Helping each other to grow, taking on new challenges and responsibilities.

Meet the key supports and lead panellist.

Here at Evanson Presents we handpick only the best qualified, expert, and friendly freelance admins for you. We are confident our discovery discussions and implementation  will lead to  personal and business growth for all.  

Keren Evanson Marketing Strategies

Keren Evanson

Marketing Strategies

Keith Evanson Founder of Evanson Presents

Keith Evanson

Team Manager and Multi Media Specialist.

Daryl Pemberton Editor and Chief Videographer at Evanson Presents

Daryl Pemberton

Chief Videographer and Editor

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