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Our Services

Communication Correspondence Management​

Managing email accounts, filtering and responding to emails. Answering phone calls and taking messages. Scheduling appointments, meetings, and conference calls.

Calendar And Schedule Management​

Maintaining and organizing calendars. Scheduling and coordinating meetings, appointments, and events. Sending reminders and ensuring timely attendance.


From design to developing WordPress websites. Managing and maintaining on-page SEO, lead collection forms, creating monitoring and managing landing pages and more.​


Our creatives develop social media content for marketing. Video and audio creation and editing, podcast, Copy and script writers are available. Social media management

An administrative virtual assistant
Remote Virtual Assistants Providing Creative expertise

About Us

“Unleash the Power of Synergy with Our Creative Collective!  Seamlessly fusing talents, we redefine excellence. From seamless admin to captivating marketing, stunning websites to persuasive copy, and engaging audio-visuals – our synchronized skills create magic. Witness unrivalled collaboration, where strengths intertwine, resulting in record delivery times. Elevate your brand with our holistic approach; we’re not just a team but a creative force. Experience efficiency in 360 degrees – choose innovation, choose us!”

Client Testimonials

"Comley van Brussel Design is a dynamic design and management company. Several years ago, our website got a persistent virus. We called Ep; they fixed it. Since then, when we need changes to our site's content, it's done right away. We highly recommend them."
"I've used Evanson Presents web services for two years. They have helped me with technical issues. They have been an excellent resource for understanding how the web works also marketing my business online. I'm looking forward to our new marketing initiatives."
"Working with Evanson Presents for over 3years has been a great experience. Our website design looked good on paper but it took a real professional to bring that vision to life. We continue to work with Evanson Presents on many projects. Highly recommend." Anne Coleman O2RIDE INC.

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Experience efficiency in 360 degrees – choose innovation, choose us!”