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CNN News room, Microsoft news, Sony music, Spotify. Play Station, Time magazine, Vogue Companies that use WordPress sites

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Stunning WordPress Website Design!

In today's digital world, your website is often the first impression potential customers have of your business. Make it count with our top-notch WordPress website design service that not only captures attention but drives visitors straight to your site.

Exceptional WordPress Development Service

We don't just create websites; we engineer them for performance. Our WordPress development prioritizes speed, user-friendliness, and responsiveness, ensuring visitors stay engaged and convert into loyal customers.

Worry-Free Maintenance

Your WordPress website is the face of your online presence, and it deserves nothing less than perfection. At Evanson Presents, we're here to ensure that your website not only shines but thrives effortlessly, thanks to our exceptional worry-free WordPress maintenance service

Supercharge Your Success with Our Online Marketing

In the digital age, your business's online presence is the key to reaching a global audience and achieving unparalleled success. We specialize in crafting tailored online marketing and promotion strategies that deliver real results.

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About Us

Thirty years of development have brought us to this juncture. As a traveller and musician, Keith focused on excellent performances while producing music acts. Today, his focus has stayed the same. Communication excellence via online media. 

With twenty-five years of WordPress development experience and a reliable team, he has grown with WordPress from its infancy to the giant it is today.

“We can all speak, but that doesn’t make us proficient communicators.”

WordPress is a fantastic tool used by giants like CNN, Sony Music, and Microsoft; if that impresses you, what should impress you more is how they express themselves through their sites. That’s where we help.

Our team approach provides a powerhouse of innovation where talents converge to create administrative, marketing, design, website development, copywriting, and audio-visual marvels that redefine the industry standard.

Why Choose Us

As WordPress experts, we offer you a tailored experience and a path to exponential growth. We are excited to be part of your team. 

Don’t settle for mediocre results when you can achieve greatness online. Partner with Evanson Presents and witness the transformative power of our WordPress development service. Your digital success story is just a click away. Get in touch today.


Affordable Excellence: Achieving online greatness doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. Our online marketing and promotion services are competitively priced, ensuring accessibility for businesses of all sizes.

Client Testimonials

"Comley van Brussel design is a dynamic design and management company. Several years ago, our website got a persistent virus. We called Ep; they fixed it. Since then, when we need changes to our site's content, it's done right away. We highly recommend them."
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Kathy Van Brussel
"Working with Evanson Presents for over 3years has been a great experience. Our website design looked good on paper but it took a real professional to bring that vision to life. We continue to work with Evanson Presents on many projects. Highly recommend." Anne Coleman O2RIDE INC.
o2ride logo an distributors of e-bike in Canada
Anne Colman
"Keith and Evanson Presents have proven to me again and again with top notch work"
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Daryl Pemberton

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