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Who We Are

Evanson Presents is an inbound marketing agency of certified freelance marketers. Keith, it’s founder and team management coordinator, comes from an entertainment background, musician, a producer, live and studio. He’s been producing content for 46 years, digital marketing for 10.
Our principal is simple. We vet qualified freelance marketers specializing in their prospective niches to fulfill our client’s overarching goals.
Our process is a win for you. It’s scalable and bases on your project’s requirements.

Digital Lovers

To say we love what we do is an understatement. The digital world is an art form; we do this because it’s our calling. There has always been a correlation between art and advertising. As artists, it’s still about eliciting audience response and the same for advertisers. It’s a good marriage. We are always up for the next challenge. We are managers, writers, marketers, designers, illustrators, video photographers, editors, effects artists, SEOs, developers, and visionaries. What we do transcends academics.

The Collaborative Teams get you more leads and web traffic

We stop at nothing

We view all challenges as mission-critical. Your success means more to us. Like you, we are a business with competitors. When you partner with us, every win initiated by us for you is a win for us, and we take this seriously. You see, our most valuable asset is you. We firmly believe Our view here will become mutual as we move forward. We are ready for the next step of your journey.

We Love To Explore​

All projects begin with research. Only after all the data is in do we start. We will do a deep dive into your industry’s white papers and user case studies of your services and products and consumer behaviour. We’ll implement a website audit. Your current and past data is called for and considered. This snapshot becomes a base for an overall strategy.

We Take It Step-By-Step

Depending on the services requested, all processes start with discovery. This step brings clarity to projects. From the discovery stage, service providers use a step-by-step process with a targeted focus.

We Keep It Simple

Simplicity is key. We produce reports in a straightforward, simple form understandable by you for all evaluation.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

We help small to medium-size businesses, and entrepreneurs get more traffic and leads and sales by handling the technical logistics leaving them more time to grow their business online and have more time and freedom to do the things they love.

The Faces Behind our Success

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Keith Evanson
Marketing team manager and creative.
Daryl Pemberton
Videographer Creative
Keren Evanson
Marketing strategist
Catherine Ashworth
Social Media
PPC Ninja
Head of Content
Strategy Dreamer
Senior Designer
Digital Consultant

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