How To Get A Simple Website



Feb 5, 2022

Relying on social media for business without a website is like renting a home. It's not yours. It's a great place to meet and develop relationships.

I Just Want A Website

“I just want a website” –– is a phrase I often hear. The first thing that goes through my head is, what does that mean? Are they telling me they want just a static website, an info board with contact information? It’s got to be a nice-looking one because no one really likes ugly? Maybe they are worried about price and do not understand the value of sites. I hear this from well-meaning business people who still in 2022 don’t have internet real estate.

Internet real estate

Relying on social media for business is like renting a home. It’s not yours. It’s a great place to meet and develop relationships.

Developing your own website is equity; it is an asset and has tangible value. If you’re looking to get up and running online, we make it easy with 365 Hosting; check out what you get with this offer. This is a program developed with you the business person who knows the value of a site but don’t have the time to tinker with technology. You are surrounded by all the help you deed to grow online.

You will need help.

Managing your own site can leave you with head-scratching issues that develop from time to time. Fixing these problems makes you knowledgeable about websites but hardly better at running your day-to-day activities, and it takes time, and if you are not experienced, lots of it.

Having your own team of developers, marketers and content creators would be nice, would it? Not on your payroll, even better. It would be better to have these specialists available as you need them. You would be more agile, freeing up your time, especially if their advice is free?

Covid 19 meant more eyes on the web

As a marketer, web developer and content creator living in the age of artificial intelligence and when there is more reliance and opportunities on the internet because of Covid19, I’m left scratching my head that more haven’t seen that an apple has been tossed into their basket. There has never been a better time to get your business online. 

If you think, “I just want a website,” That’s great! I believe you have seen glimpses of light. The truth is today, you can get started for several hundred and build value into your property. 

Websites today

Websites can be as simple or as advanced as you would like. Static websites were left behind in the ’90s. They are hardly helpful on the web today. If no one can find your site when searching for a business like yours, you’ll have to tell everyone to look for your site by word of mouth. That doesn’t work.

Fast-forward to 2022. First, successful sites are beneficial and informative; they offer real value to visitors. Modern websites can track visitors on your site to indicate what’s important to them and that’s important to you. Based on your visitor’s interest, it can even offer choices dynamically, send reports in real-time back to you, automatically respond to visitors’ basic questions. Most of these services are free, but it takes implanting and is not difficult. 

There is no magic bullet here; websites take time to develop to become a go-to place for reliable, trusted information. They are investment property and should be treated as such to have a good ROI.

My team and I have been working on an offer. 365 Hosting. It’s a mentoring program. 

365 is an Evanson Presents pilot program limited to 30 individuals. They will be assisted by our team and monitored for growth. Click the link. 365 Hosting.

Make 2022 a success.