Increase Website Visitor Traffic with These 5 Tips

Want to increase website traffic? Then read our article on how to increase website traffic.

How to increase web traffic to your site? It is a question as old as the world wide web itself. Everyone should know that having a website is just the beginning. Only you know it exists.

Ways to increase your website traffic.

Understanding how the web works.

Increase Website Visitor Traffic by understanding the web

It would help if you had a basic understanding of how search works because the internet is an extensive library. Computers owned by Google, Bing, Yandex and others use a process in the web development and SEO industry called bots, crawlers, and spiders to go out and look up the entire world wide web and make copies of your site and all the other billions of sites and make an index.

Imagine finding your site among billions of sites, and say five million are in the same industry as yours; what do you think are the chances of your website making a showing when someone searches for your enterprise. In this scenario, five million to one.

Is it worth having a website? Yes, absolutely. Millions are doing well. It’s your opportunity to show your unique attributes and contribution to your industry and showcase why doing business with you is better than doing business with the other four million nine hundred thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine. Sounds challenging? It is, and millions are having success; here’s how.

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Understand your website's internal structure.

an image depicting on page page search engine optimization items.

Making sure your website is indexable is the first step. A question to ask is can search engines crawl my site and understand its contents? If the search engine can’t understand your website’s structure or content, it won’t present your site to someone searching for a business like yours—the ability to crawl your is the first step.

Link Structure

Search engines go through your site and check where its information leads. Are all the links on my site working, and do they lead to relevant subjects? In other words, will these links, whether internal ( links to additional information on your website) or external (links to other sites on the web), be helpful to visitors.

Regular checks to make sure all your links are working should be routine. Links sometimes break silently, or if you link to an external article and the owner moves it, the link will break. Google provides a free service called Google Search Console; among other things, it can send you notifications if a link becomes broken. If you don’t take care of it in a timely fashion, Google downgrades your website’s rank.

Should search engines follow all links? No, links leading to administrative areas and logins, for instance, shouldn’t be followed. Google appreciates when you notify them not to crawl such spaces with no-follow code.

A website audit can help you understand how your site is performing internally. We can do an audit for you, and we’ll have your results emailed by the next day of your request.

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Some limits apply

Your website's Load time

Your site’s loading time is another ranking factor that could work in your favour or have google downgrade your website’s ranking factor if it fails to load in their specified time frame.

Load time is the estimated time for visitors to see and interact with your content. Google’s standards are six seconds.

Factors involved in slowing down your website’s load time are your hosting company’s technologies, Image sizes, link structure, file sizes and media on your site, to name a few.

Get those things under control, and you’re on your way.

Providing valuable content

an image depicting a content strategy layout.

Content is pretty diverse. There is written content, images, videos, gif, podcasts, and RSS feed. What will be the best for your site depends on how your audience likes to consume their information.

Audiences patients are getting thin, as some surveys show. Your written material should be scannable. We all scan until we find what we are looking for. Your headlines and subheadlines will help immensely.

The content should offer value to your visitors and be readily shareable. I know because my colleagues and I find articles, websites and media we think are valuable and share them. Remember, this article is about increasing traffic. Any useful material leading back to your site is gold. The takeaway here is content should be scannable and helpful, attractive to your audience, and you should be liberal with your knowledge.

Include Calls to Action

Landing pages should contain calls to action (CTAs) that prompt users to perform specific actions. CTAs are often buttons that lead to another page on your site. They can also be text links that lead to another page.

Build Trust by Offering Free Resources

If you want people to trust you, then make sure that you offer free resources. This will help build trust because people will feel more comfortable giving away their personal information when they know that they won’t be charged for it.

Use Social Media Marketing

Increase website traffic with social media

If you’re looking to promote your business online, social media marketing is one of the best ways to do so. It’s also one of the easiest methods to use.

Remember how many websites are out there on the web. Social media platforms help narrow your audience a bit. It still takes work to find your authentic audience. You can start with friends, friends can be your best advocates because they like you. Friends, in most cases, can offer support and cheer you on, but they are not usually your clients.

Social media allows you to tighten the circle of those who would possibly use your product and services. It presents a more approachable and casual setting to discuss things, answer product and service-related improvements, and handle roadblocks or objections by showcasing your knowledge.

Social media is good for rallying around new prospects. Still, ultimately you want followers to go to your website, which increases your web traffic. They may sign up to your mailing list where you could personally treat them to particular offers to become your clients. That leads to your mailing list.


Some feel that social media replaces having a website. While the followers may seem like your audience, they belong to the social media platform. Many find out the hard way when social media platforms decide to change their policy, and others have fallen into disfavour with them and are banned, losing that audience.

Email List

increase web traffic with email

Ask any marketer which is the most successful marketing tool; you’ll find the majority will tell you it’s their email list.

Anti-spam rules state that all who you email must accept your invitation to receive email from you and be allowed to unsubscribe anytime. It’s the law.

With that in mind, email still offers the best bang for your buck. Purchasing an email list is illegal.

How does email help your website’s traffic? You can craft offers of value to the participants on your list and send them to your website, where you will expand on the offer’s benefits. You will usually send them to a landing page on your website. These site visitors increase your website traffic and your ROI.

This article did not discuss the techniques but only the process of increasing website traffic. Want to learn more?

In conclusion, these five tips will help you build trust with visitors and encourage them to take action.

Offer Free Resources – People love free stuff. So why not give them something for nothing? You can use this strategy to promote your blog, social media pages, or any other type of online resource. 2. Give Them Something They Need – Make sure that what you provide is relevant to your visitors. 3. Be Honest – Don’t try to trick people into thinking that you’re offering something that you aren’t. 4. Provide Value – Make sure that what your visitors receive is worth their time and effort. 5. Keep It Simple – Make sure that your site isn’t too complicated.

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