A Personal Freelance Agency? – 3 Reasons To Have One

A Personal Freelance Agency? – 3 Reasons To Have One

Freelance websites earn billions from millions.

Freelance websites attract millions of freelancers hoping to get the perfect gig. A few jobs a year certainly won’t make you a success as a freelancer. Is there a better way? I believe there is. I hope you will join this conversation if you are a freelancer.

A worker who works for a company, is not an employee but is somewhat independent.

Think., What percentage of freelancers make a living on those sites? Are you among them? Freelance websites earn billions of dollars by having millions of members. They may put you on a computer algorithm for a fee to improve your chances of being hired. Here is what’s in store for the freelancers.

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The Future of freelancing

According to Edward Segal, a senior contributor at Forbes. The freelance workforce could increase by 10 million–What that means for employers. That article was written back in 2021 during the mid pandemic. Where do you see yourself in the pack?

According to an Upwork survey, the 57 million-member freelance workforce in the U.S. will soon be more significant. The survey found that 20% of the current employees–10 million people–are about to descend on the current freelance economy. It will become more challenging to stand out in the freelance economy as the market gets more crowded. Do you find it increasingly tricky already?

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What Do Freelancers Need

Freelancers need to improve the quality of their lives. They want flexible remote work hours and a fair wage to allow them to pay for their health benefits, mortgages, insurance and automobiles and comfortably look after their family,  All this requires steady work.

Surviving the freelance economic flood.

I have been freelancing for over 40 years. I have had my share of ups and downs. In January 2019, before Covid19 struck, I had one Facebook group member tell me there was a disconnect working with freelancers and remote workers; I wonder how he fared during the pandemic and what he feels now.

The pandemic has taught us that remote work is thriving; it has sobered many companies, and their infrastructure is now in place. The pushback on remote work has subsided. For many, it has become their preferred way to work; hence more have decided to freelance.

Survival means teamwork.

“All hands on deck” is the captain’s cry in a storm at sea. If 10 million new entries into the freelance economy isn’t a storm, I don’t know what else is. Let’s face the fact the world is trying to pull itself out of a depression. I’m not an economist; this is my opinion, and what do I know?

Find yourself in a team of complementary services providers. No one person knows it all. If you are a marketing manager, surround yourself with the remote freelance team you need to fulfill what you offer. 

As a web developer, get to know other developers with complementary skills. You can find them online at sites like Stackoverflow.com, Github, etc.

Creative Services

Whatever your calling, find a team. Copywriters, Bloggers, videographers, SEO experts etc. Not just a group of other freelancers with your skills, but complementary ones. I firmly believe there is strength in numbers, as cliché, as it sounds, it’s the key to surviving as a freelancer.

Serve The Client's Interest

Make it your aim to produce results for your client. This gives them a reason to trust you.


In your pitch to the client, focus on the benefits that your service will bring them.

You’re saving them time and money; you are more efficient; You can give them the best quality of work because of the combined years of your team’s experience. You replace the creative department; the client doesn’t have to hire employees; it’s project-to-project and is scalable.

The marketers in your group, as committed members, can help. Of course, there is much more to it, But you are creative.

Do your research. Use the same techniques the freelancer websites use to acquire their clients, but show the client why you are a better fit.

More On Freelance Websites

Freelance websites or freelance platforms seemingly offer many benefits. Many of these platforms put you into a global pool. As part of a worldwide pool, it has become exceedingly economically challenging to compete.
Even recommendations given by freelance platforms themselves hardly work to combat the inequality.

Suppose you are a member of a freelance websites platform sourcing potential clients yourself. Have you ever been contacted or spoken with an administrator of any freelance platform who knew you personally and had recommended you personally to a company as a good fit, a company looking for someone with yourself?

Please let us know if you have had such treatment, you know, like a personal agent looking to make you a star; that freelance agency would be unique and worth mentioning.

What should an agency offer?

Coming from the entertainment industry, I had an agent. Their job was to keep me working. They knew me and were familiar with what I had to offer. They would, at times, make recommendations to help me land the next gig. We forged a friendship; we bonded and had an excellent working relationship. Freelance workers need better representation.

Join The Open Discussion

Creating A Better Future For Freelance Creative

The future of freelancing and you.

As Seth Godin says, “There is one thing that is certain: change,” and he and I bet our lives on it. Leaders take responsibility for change. The title “Leader” isn’t a given; they do it. They are prepared to fail and fail and fail until it works.

My message to freelancers. Let’s be members of this change.

Sign up. Let’s discuss and own this change.


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