Becoming a successful virtual assistant takes time and effort. You can create a thriving virtual assistant career by developing your skills, establishing a solid online presence, and providing exceptional service, see how.
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Virtual assistant jobs are a hot topic. If you do a Google search and type virtual assistant, virtual assistant jobs are at the top of the dropdown list.

Hundreds of agencies and headhunters offer jobs to virtual assistants. So let’s start at the top of this subject.


Assessing your skills is essential. Determine whether you want to specialize in administrative tasks or creative services. Administrative duties may include managing calendars, handling emails, organizing data, or providing customer support.

Hopefully, you have a computer and have been working with the operating system that comes with it. Whatever level you are at, you want to be an expert at whatever program your operating system offers and master it. That’s why you’ll get an administrative or creative virtual assistant job.

Windows and Mac offer different administrative and creative applications that do the same job. Still, they are only sometimes 100% compatible, and even when they say they are, you may run into headaches. Many modern operating systems allow you to run Windows and Mac on the same computer.

Virtual assistant creative services can involve content creation, graphic design, social media management, website maintenance and app development. Here again, the above applies. Windows and Mac have different applications that accomplish the jobs.


Identify the skills required for your chosen path and develop them. Proficiency in office software, organizational abilities, communication skills, and attention to detail are essential for getting virtual assistant jobs.

 Creative services may require skills in graphic design tools, writing, editing, social media platforms, or web development. Consider taking online courses, attending workshops, or practicing these skills to enhance your expertise.

A temptation is to use Youtube and online tips for education. YouTube and online tips only help when you have already established a good foundation in the application and need to sharpen your job skills. If you choose youtube and online tips and tricks, your learning can be fragmented, time-consuming and always looking to close the learning gap.

Colleges and online training

There are colleges, and there are online courses. The advantage of institutional training like colleges is that you get an official certification which some clients appreciate. 

For online courses, my favourite is LinkedIn Learning. Educators and certified instructors supervise their learning system, and more and more businesses use their courses to keep in-house staff up to date on the latest software. 

Online line training costs much less than local colleges and is more accessible; you can learn at your own pace anytime, anywhere. They give certificates, but their certification is recognized only by your online peers now.

The bottom line is to become the master of your own outcome. As a side note> (According to the survey, 41.32 percent of the software developers had bachelor’s degrees, and just over 21 percent had attained a Master’s degree of some form as of 2022. Additionally, just under three percent had obtained some doctoral degree)  The majority of developers are self-starters. There’s much to say about that. They love what they do!

What’s the point? Whether institutional or online, learning facilities don’t make you the best. Only you can. Be the best.

Microsoft 365 A Must Have for Virtual Assistant Jobs

Become proficient in software like Microsoft Office 365 professional version. 

In Canada, Microsoft 365 is CAD 109.00/year. 


You can pay CAD 11.00/month. If you are a student, there are special discounts.

Microsoft 365 is extremely popular. Office 365 is used by over a million companies worldwide, with 145,844 customers in the United States alone using the Office suite software. There’s a good bet that as a VA, you’ll run into this one, so be an expert in this application.

Remember, if you are a beginner, you don’t have to be an expert in all their applications, even though I advise it as a personal goal if you choose to chart a course as an admin VA. You can niche down and choose one. Make sure it’s one of Microsofts’ applications most popular with businesses—the idea is to get a paying job.

There is Word and Excel, and on the creative side, there is PowerPoint. Check out some other features that come with the paid professional vision of Microsoft 365. Remember, you can run these programs on both PC and a modern Mac.

Productivity tools

I can only cover some of the productivity software today; there are too many. Here are a few. 

Apple has Pages, a robust document software program that allows you to save your documents in many other formats. Their spreadsheet program is Numbers. Similar to Excell and Google Sheets. 

When it comes to spreadsheets, make backups and use the same applications your client uses. Downloads from one spreadsheet program to another have never been a success for me. They work well in their native environments.

Keynote is another Apple presentation tool similar to PowerPoint and allows for some compatibility but is only partially compatible. It generally works, but some transitions you’ve worked hard on tweaking in one program don’t work in the other. That’s a time-wasting frustration when converting from one to another, but both are worth their weight. Please keep them in their native applications. You’ll thank me later.

Apple Mail is features rich. It’s worth examining. Some clients will prefer this application. If managing mail is your chosen path, both Outlook and Apple Mail, you should master.


Determine the specific services you will offer as a virtual assistant. Create a clear and concise list of your skills, and identify your target market or niche. Making a list of your skills will help you market yourself effectively.


As a virtual assistant, you’ll need a functional workspace with the necessary equipment. Ensure you have a reliable computer, high-speed internet connection, and the software or tools required for your services. Additionally, create a comfortable and organized environment that promotes productivity.

There are challenges to working remotely. The base of your service is your computer and the internet; they should be fast. If you work with text documents, you can get by with mediocre internet speeds. But why take chances? Low-quality internet connection and a slow computer will only reflect on your reputation. You are a professional, get the best you can afford, and that’s available locally.

Your office environment

What about Your office, your headquarters? Communication with background noise or conversations in the back is annoying and unprofessional. If you can’t afford an office, invest in a good noise-cancellation headset. When you can invest in your own space, you’ll find it more productive.


Create a professional website or portfolio to showcase your skills, experience, and services. Include testimonials or case studies from previous clients to build credibility. Establish profiles on relevant social media platforms to engage with potential clients and network with other professionals in your industry.

A professional website

Engaging with social media is good. Social media also limits the activities one can perform when communicating with followers. Your social media followers are different from yours. Those following you on social media belong to the social media platform you are using until they sign up on your website. Only then are they yours to communicate with freely.

Simple websites are relatively easy to create and are almost free. As a web developer, I must warn you. Flat websites, which are basic HTML, CSS, and some JavaScript, are not dynamic. They don’t automatically respond to visitors’ queries and give them the info they seek based on their activity on your site. Also, your site may not provide the feedback you need to improve your visitor’s experience.

Ensure your website gives you feedback on who’s visiting and what social media channels and searches they perform to lead to your site. Connect your site to Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager. If you connect to these free services, you’ll better understand your web traffic and where to invest your time and energy online.


Research industry standards for virtual assistant rates and determine your pricing structure. Consider factors such as your level of expertise, the complexity of tasks, and the market demand for your services. Develop contracts or service agreements to outline the terms and conditions of your work, including rates, scope of services, deadlines, and payment terms.


 Utilize various marketing strategies to promote your virtual assistant services. Leverage social media platforms, create engaging content, and engage with potential clients in relevant online communities. Network with other professionals, attend virtual events or webinars and consider partnering with complementary like our service providers to expand your reach.


If you’re starting from scratch, consider offering your services at a discounted rate or volunteering for a limited time to gain experience and build your portfolio. As you accumulate positive client testimonials and successful projects, you can gradually increase your rates and attract higher-paying clients.


Consistently deliver high-quality work, meet deadlines, and provide excellent customer service. Building a reputation for reliability and professionalism will help you secure long-term clients and generate referrals.


Stay updated with your field’s latest industry trends and technologies. Seek opportunities to expand your skill set and stay ahead of the competition. Attend webinars, join professional associations, and invest time in personal and professional development.

Final Words

Remember, becoming a successful virtual assistant takes time and effort. You can create a thriving virtual assistant career by developing your skills, establishing a solid online presence, and providing exceptional service.

We are always open to partnering with virtual assistants. Contact Us.

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