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There is a bit of truth in all the above answers. Have you ever met a virtual assistant? I am one, but I am not a machine. I am actually writing this article, how old-school is that!
VA working at his desk. A business and creative virtual assistant is a remote professional who supports businesses and individuals in various administrative, organizational and creative tasks.

Virtual Assistant Deffined

The phrase virtual assistant is becoming more common as of late. With the pandemic, more people have started working virtually.
What is a virtual assistant? It depends on who you ask.

Here is ChatGPT's Answer: What is a virtual assistant?

“A virtual assistant is a software application or program that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to provide various services and assistance to users. It is designed to interact with users through voice or text-based interfaces, simulating human-like conversation and performing tasks on behalf of the user.”

 AI assistance would be a better term for the ChatGPT answer.

Google; People also ask

Other definitions is: “ a self-employed worker who specializes in offering administrative services to clients from a remote location, usually a home office.”

Does the description above mean all virtual assistants are self-employed and offer only administrative services ?

Another definition found: “a remote employee who offers administrative support for you and your business, usually part-time.”

Here again, is it administrative help only?

Webster's Dictionary's Definition:

Virtual Assistant


1. a device, app, or computer program that can respond to commands or questions and perform tasks electronically: these virtual assistants can also take notes and answer questions using a human-like voice. 

2. a person who provides professional assistance with administrative or technical tasks while working remotely: skilled virtual assistants enable businesses to manage crucial tasks remotely and close staffing gaps.

I am a Virtual Assistant. Who am I?
Machine or Human?

There is a bit of truth in all the above answers. Have you ever met a virtual assistant? I am one, but I am not a machine. I am actually writing this article, how old-school.

I have been assisting businesses since my graphic design and web development career began when Adobe released CS4 in 2008, my first creative suite.  Adobe Creative Cloud has come a long way. If you are thinking of becoming a creative VA get familiar with this product. 

Since my colleagues and I have been VAs for as long as our jobs began, we wanted to let you in on our venture, but first, let’s clarify what a virtual assistant is and the jobs they perform.

What Is a Virtual Assistant: What Jobs they perform.

A virtual assistant is a remote professional who supports businesses and individuals in various administrative, organizational and creative tasks. Their responsibilities can vary depending on the specific needs of the company or individual, but here are some everyday jobs performed one:

It’s important to note that a business VA’s specific tasks and responsibilities can vary based on the business requirements and the skills and expertise of the VA.

If you are reading this article and wondering how to become a VA. Think about becoming skilled and some of the tasks mentioned above. If you are a self-starter, like many of us are. A premium memberships to LinkedIn Learning is priceless.

The Advantage of Using a VA

How cost-effective is a virtual assistant? Here is where you save..

I can keep going; these expenses are all on the virtual assistant. Yes, there is more to be said.

Time Management:

Each second lost costs you. VAs allow you to be flexible with your time. By handling complex tasks, they increase the quality of your work and give you the ability to work on more pressing matters.

Your ability to handle more tasks intensive projects increases a hundredfold if your virtual assistants communicate on a project level. This gives your the able to deliver in a shorter time.

Here is another time saver.

Productivity Software

Today businesses are taking advantage of productivity tools. The software offered makes a significant difference when it comes to productivity. Now the question is, which do you use for your organization.

While productivity software makes day-to-day operations efficient, the variety and complexity are increasing. Finding individuals versed in the software your company uses can be a challenge. At this junction, the VA would have you covered. Your request for an assignment should include your software requirements.

Our New Virtual Assistant Feature

I mentioned earlier I was going to let you in on our venture. My colleagues and I, as I said, have been virtually assisting clients since the start of our careers. For me, it has been over 25 years. Our combined experience brings more value to our clients.

By pooling our talent, we are confident we will revolutionize turnaround time and deliverables on administrative and creative tasks.

Evanson Presents Rebranding: What to expect.

As a company, Evanson Present or EP is in the process of rebranding; it’s exciting. The services we offer will stay in place. Our web development, site maintenance, graphic design, online marketing, animation, video and podcast production. The addition is the virtual administrative assistant.

Our virtual assistant services are team focused. The assistant you work with is supported by a group. Because projects come in varied sizes. It has been observed that time and accuracy is continuously a factor which our team approach addresses.

Contact us for more information.

If you are a qualified VA give us a shout. 



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Becoming a successful virtual assistant takes time and effort. You can create a thriving virtual assistant career by developing your skills, establishing a solid online presence, and providing exceptional service, see how.

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