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Whatsapp New Features for 2023 – Your Business Accelerator?

WhatsApp released new features in India and Brazil. Changes are in the wind for WhatsApp in 2023. In an article today, November 18, 2022, Gadgets Now said in a blog entitled “Meta’s WhatsApp makes Brazil a key test market for business messaging,”
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WhatsApp Now Testing New Features in Brazil and India

WhatsApp released new features in India and Brazil. Changes are in the wind for WhatsApp in 2023. In an article today, November 18, 2022, Gadgets Now said in a blog entitled “Meta’s WhatsApp makes Brazil a key test market for business messaging,” said that Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Messager, has been testing its WhatsApp business model in Brazil and India.

Users can find companies with paid WhatsApp accounts and chat with customer service. End-to-end payment testing is in progress as we speak in India. What the end product will be, no one knows for sure.

Mete's WhatsApp Looks Like A Saviour

Luc Olinga of The Street, a financial news agency, in an article entitled “For WhatsApp, Zuckerberg Has Plans — but Not the Obvious One.” Luc mentioned the losses Meta had experienced are a result of platforms like TikTok. TikTok grabbed much of the market share, not to mention the muted response to the Metaverse. Olinga said Meta shares were down “62.3% since January.” Investors ran like a rave that got busted. 

Olinga mentioned that in January of this year, Meta’s stock was worth $905 billion, and in October was $359 billion.


WhatsApp looks like Meta’s best bet for recovery, but Meta is still tight-lipped on how. Several suggestions are floating among speculators.

What's Up for WhatsApp? News Yesterday, November 17, 2022

In her article, Mark Zuckerberg gives new push to his old WhatsApp for business ideas, Anaya Bhattacharya of Quartz wrote yesterday. In 2021, WhatsApp launched a yellow page feature in Sao Paulo, Brazil. 

The service features:

With these latest gestures, WhatsApp has crossed paths with Google search, Amazon, gateway companies like PayPal and a host of others. Remember, WhatsApp has 2 billion users, and I’m one of them.

Zuckerberg's Struggles

It’s suggested by some that Zuckerberg struggle with how exactly to monetize WhatsApp. Ads are an obvious way to go. We now enjoy ad-free use of the app. The question for Mark is, are we loyal, or will we jump off once bombarded with ads? If I have to keep clicking the X at the side of the ad and ads that frequently interrupt, Ya! So Meta is working on that, among other things.

Less We Forget What WhatsApp Has Done For Us

I agree with the sentiments of Luc Olinga of Street about WhatsApp, who wrote in the article “Zuckerberg and Facebook Are Sitting on Gold. They Need to Mine It,” dated October 10, 2022, in the subheading Why WhatsApp Users Will Stay: a Personal View.

Luc mentioned how WhatsApp had served us all, including himself. I identified with what he said. I couldn’t afford to talk overseas, which I do regularly now.

WhatsApp allowed me to stay in touch with my family across the West Indies. I now have local group chats ongoing. We practically keep up minute by minute. 

I feel like Luc does. We have come this far with WhatsApp. Meta has been loyal. It’s easy to be unthankful and take what we have for granted. Because something is free, many feel it has no value. 

Meta, WhatsApp, and Mark Zuckerberg have given us something. He paid $19 billion in 2014 for WhatsApp and allowed 2 billion of us to use it for free. Changes are in the wind. Will you stay? I believe most will likely stay. 

And more importantly, have you put on your future glasses to see opportunities for your business? Drop me a comment with your thoughts.


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