Why Are WordPress Websites Used by media giants?

If you are running WordPress as a site, you are sitting on a publishing machine. The internet is all about publishing. If you are not doing so regularly, you are losing. WordPress is a modern publishing dream system waiting to be taped. Let us show you how.
Wordpress websites are used by The Walt Disney company, CNN, VOGUE, and BBC America read "why use WordPress"

WordPress Fun Facts

Matt Mullenweg is one of the founding members of WordPress organizations

Matt Mullenweg

Mike Little is one of the founding members of WordPress organizations

Mike Little

 WordPress founders are developers Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little.

What is WordPress

Definition: WordPress is a free website distribution and blogging Content Management System(CMS), or both. It is open source, with thousands of developers volunteering their services to the project.


The official WordPress site

WordPress market share, Why significant?

Do you using WordPress? WordPress now has a market share of 43% of all websites on the internet. The percentage goes up if you count websites with content management systems (CMS) to 65%. Far from just a blogging platform, WordPress now dominates the e-commerce landscape as well.

WordPress was released on May 27, 2003. How did their growth fair over the years?

A chart showing wordpress websites holding 43% of market share for in the world wide web.

WordPress market share, Content Management Systems

A chart showing wordpress CMS holding 65% of market share for content management systems in the world wide web.

Why Is WordPress So Popular?

The architecture is a significant reason. Distribution also plays a great role; it’s free.

When you download a free WordPress site, it’s enough to turn you off. It’s pretty tasteless, but therein lies the beauty. By adding your spices in the form of themes and plugins and keeping your business goals in mind, you can make it whatever you want it to be.

Some popular theme flavours of WordPress are blog-publishing, e-commerce, online store, membership site, learning management system (LMS), forums, whatever you can think of; someone has developed a plugin for it. Brilliant!

Hosting WordPress Sites

For WordPress to function, it has to be installed on a Web Server. The server serves it to the world wide web (www.) or an internal organization’s network. You can manage a WordPress site from your laptop to a small organization of members you trust, but it is not always practical, and when you shut down, the server is offline. Security becomes an issue when dealing with individuals you don’t know personally, such as on the internet. We’ll address security later.

There are dedicated website host who specializes in WordPress. Siteground is my favourite. I have been using Siteground for over five years for myself and all of my customs, and I only have good things to say about them. And GoDaddy is another reliable hosting company for WordPress, and there are others.

The host is an essential factor in WordPress performance. Security is also significant since WordPress is open source and like your home, even though thieves know how your home is built. With good locks on your front door and windows and an alarm, you can keep them out. Good web hosting provide good security.

Companies You Know Use WordPress?

Many feel WordPress is for small companies; think gain. The WP platform is used by the New York Times, Microsoft News, TED Blog, BBC America, Skype, Vogue, and The Walt Disney Company. So if you run a WordPress site, you are in good company.

Can You Design and Run a WordPress Site Yourself? DIY.

You sure can! It can be pretty rewarding if you are a small business and have the time to learn. On the other hand, evaluate whether hiring a web professional might be advantageous to have your business up and running consistently; there are some Got ya’s! If you’re not sure what you are doing, get help.

There are hidden pieces to the web puzzle for instant search engine optimization (SEO); you will need to do this before launching your site if you want site visitors. Search is how the public looking for a business like yours will find you; it’s crucial. You will also want to measure your website’s performance. 

How many visits does your site get monthly, and which pages are getting more attention? Where are your visitors coming from? These measurements help you concentrate on areas in your marketing that are producing results. There is more to having a website than just having a billboard that is seldom found and only your friends know where it is. Want more visitors?

WordPress is a great DIY tool. Here is some advice if you want to run a portion of your business on the web. Find a web professional, and invest in your business. If you want to make a million and are serious, research shows that 10 – 20% needs to be spent on marketing consistently. $1,000,000÷20%=$50,000. The problem is which comes first, the chicken or the egg. View you website as a rocket, it takes more energy to get to cruise speed.

Is there a demand for your products or services? Are you an expert in your industry? Do you love and care for people? If those ingredients are there you should do well. You will want to keep an eye on your competitors, you may find opportunities.

Do You Have a Website?

If you are running WordPress as a site, you are sitting on a publishing machine. The internet is all about publishing. If you are not doing so regularly, you are losing out on a great opportunity. WordPress is a modern publishing dream system waiting to be tapedLet us show you how.

If the New York Times uses WordPress, I think there is a lesson here for businesses using WordPress. If your site isn’t a water cooler where people gather to communicate, express themselves and learn, you are missing the point. 

Don’t rely on social media only. Social media platforms are a springboard to your site. Those who like you on social media or even converse with you in that forum are not part of your inner community until they sign up to your email list and permit you to communicate with them; better yet, join a conversation on your site.   

Sometimes we worry so much about selling products and services that we miss the point. Start communicating. Build trust first. Use WordPress as your social media hub; the infrastructure exists, waiting for you to tap into it. Sign up if you need help building this vision of lively activity on your website. Let’s take your journey to the next level.

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