Why Freelance marketing teams?

Why Freelance marketing teams?

A proposal.  Freelance Teams

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Are you a freelancer, a team player, skilled in the digital arts? Digital marketer? Social Media expert? Designer? Animator? Developer? Copywriter? Keep reading; the proposal is below.

I’m a freelancer at heart for over 40 years. In the early days, there was a significant push-back on freelancers and remote work, not now.

Before COVID19; (On UpWork), I read that 63% of businesses were using freelance workers. I believe it’s far more as we speak.

As recent as this year, in January before Covid19 struck, I had one Facebook group member tell me there was a disconnect working with freelancers and remote workers; I wonder what he’s doing now. I strongly disagreed with him, maybe because it offered me individual freedom not found in traditional work. I love to travel. It keeps my mind in a creative mode, necessary for innovation.

Freedom In Freelancing

I worked from many different locations globally as long as I had a good internet connection. Okay! Okay! What’s the proposal.

As freelancers, while in one gig, we are thinking, what’s the next gig. I spent over 35 years in the entertainment industry as a musician and music producer, audio engineer. So far in my current gig, 25 years; no, I’m not that old, these professions overlap. Still, with a produces mentality, It’s hard to shake.

A live music production by Evanson Presents
A live music production by Evanson Presents

The Point

I got more gigs when I had my music team ready for engagement. I had something to promote that was more than myself; self-promotion is challenging. I remember the sighs let out and look on the faces of venue owners and agents when I said, ” When do you want us to start. The same is true when bidding for a marking campaign.

The Proposal

I am looking for skilled digital artists to promote as teams. Yes, I call you artists because it’s marketing meet digital art. For hundreds of years, there’s been a great marriage between the two.
The aim here is to promote you as an individual on the internet and match you with a team to complete the full range of marketing campaign disciplines. Are you in?.

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